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Tropical Super Juice

Tropical Super Juice

Fruit juices with a twist…

Our Tropical fruit juice is packed with 8 different types of fruit and veg to give your kids just what they need to get out there and do it! Some might say you can Taste the Adventure.

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Our Tropical fruit juice is a blend of water, ¼ of a pressed apple, 1 piece of pressed pineapple (15%), 1/3 of a crushed banana (11%), 1 piece of pressed courgette, a slice of mashed peach (8%), apple puree, a splash of pressed passion fruit (3%), some pressed carrot (2%), calcium, magnesium, zinc, vitamin A, C, D, plus a hint of turmeric.

Per 100ML: Energy 122kj/28kcal, fat <0.5g, of which saturates <0.1g, Carbohydrates 7.2g, of which sugars 7.2g, Fibre <0.5g, Protein <0.5g, Salt <0.01g.

Vitamin C 24mg (30% NRV***), Vitamin D 0.75pg (15% NRV), Vitamin A 120pg (15% NRV), Calcium 120pg (15% NRV), Magnesium 56.3mg (15% NRV), Zinc 1.5mg (15% NRV)

***Nutritional Reference Value