what's in ninju?

  • juice cartons with a twist...

    Crammed with fresh fruit, vegetables, key vitamins & minerals. A little whack of goodness with some big kid attitude! Think vegetables like carrot and courgettes, paired with star ingredients like turmeric and elderflower, all blended up with kid favourite fruits and water, plus added vitamins & minerals.


1 of your 5 a day

no added sugar / no artificials

minimum 5% vegetables per 100ml

vitamins a, c, d, calcium, magnesium & zinc

  • why ninju?

    Kids are way too warped with technology these days, and whilst it’s a vital part of our modern existence, life needs balance – we need to let kids be kids. It’s time to get our children to unplug and free their inner adventurer. Whether it’s blazing a trail on a mountain bike, running around in the park, or just jumping in a puddle…

    Ninju creates the healthy fuel that kids need to be kids!

  • Ninju skateboard kid on the homepage

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