Ninju juices are engineered to fuel kids in the right way, combining great taste & goodness with plenty of monster fun and excitment - get out there and do it!

  • Ninju Apple Super Juice Render with fruit surrounding it
  • natural ingredients

    Our ingredients are ethnically soured, natural, and pure. We add absolutely nothing artificial, and the only sugar present naturally occurs from fruit. Meaning your kids get great tasting juices, that help to support their daily requirements.

    real fruit & veggies

    Every carton of Ninju contains a combination of fruit & vegetables with no less than 5% veg per 100ml - for a kids drinks that tastes this good, it’s pretty impressive.

    vitamins & minerals

    To support a varied balanced diet and lifestyle for kids - Ninju cartons provide 15% RDA of vitamin A, D, calcium, magnesium & zinc, plus 30% RDA of vitamin C! They’re well within RDA guidelines, so if you want more than one (and you will), go for it!

  • benefits of ninju vitamins

    These kids’ drinks are packed full of vitamins. Did you know… vitamins A & C contribute to the function of the immune system and vitamin D supports growth & development of bones?

    add ninju minerals

    And we don’t just stop there… zinc supports the maintenance of bones; calcium contributes to the normal function of digestive enzymes and magnesium helps to look after teeth.

  • Ninju Tropical Super Juice with fruit surrounding it.

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